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    APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet

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    Satisfied Customers Buzzing About APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet Success Stories

    "I recently dealt with a frustrating bedbug situation from a hotel stay and even had a continuing issue when I went back home. I urgently started to find the solution, and I stumbled upon the APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet in my search for relief. The persistent itching and annoyance escalated, prompting me to give this bracelet a shot. To my surprise and immense relief, it not only significantly reduced the itchiness but also played a crucial role in eliminating the bedbugs. The bracelet has proven effective in almost completely eradicating these unwanted pests, providing much-needed comfort and peace of mind in the aftermath of the hotel encounter.” - Mona Stauffer

    “Dealing with persistent back acne diagnosed as Demodex folliculorum mites, my skin became unbearably itchy and scaly, even affecting my little brother. It was a nightmare until a friend recommended the APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet. Skeptical but desperate, I purchased two for my brother and myself. The relief and protection it provided were beyond satisfying, putting an end to the mite-induced nightmare and giving us peace of mind.” - Richard Head

    Introducing the APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet - a revolutionary fusion of technology and pest management. The APROLO™ BugsOFF High-Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet helps to treat follicle mites skin problems through three elements: sound, odour, and negative ions. APROLO™ BugsOFF High-Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet helps to cure the skin problem of follicle mites by the three elements of the sound wave, odor, and negative ions and also kills the harmful mites in the environment 5 meters to protect our skin.

    What is RF Ultrasonic?

    An RF ultrasonic system usually consists of two parts: an RF transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver. The RF transmitter generates an RF signal and converts it into an ultrasonic beam. This beam is used to scan and sense the target object and is then received by the ultrasonic receiver.

    Why Does Sound Kill Mites?

    Sound can have a lethal effect on mites, mainly through the high-frequency vibration of sound waves which exerts pressure and excitation on them. The vibration energy generated by high-frequency sound waves can directly affect the body tissues of the mite. Strong sonic vibrations may cause damage to the mite's tissues, including damage to internal organs and cellular structures. This pressure effect may result in damage to the internal structures of the mite, including its respiratory system, nervous system, and other physiological functions.

    IONS Release Chlorine Dioxide To Disinfection

    The APROLO™ BugsOFF Infrared Ultrasonic Bug Repellent Bracelet generates approximately 3 million negative ions, an electrolysis process that leads to the production of chlorine ions (Cl-) which are then converted to chlorine gas, which combines with the water in the skin to produce chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Its oxidising effect can break down the structure of viruses and bacteria, thus achieving sterilisation.

    Release Tea Tree Oil: A Potent Solution For Mite & Egg Elimination

    Release Tea Tree Oil is a potent solution for combating mites and their eggs. Renowned for its natural properties, tea tree oil effectively eliminates mites and their eggs, providing a thorough solution for mite-related issues. By harnessing the power of tea tree oil, this product not only eradicates existing mites but also ensures the destruction of any lingering eggs, offering a comprehensive and effective approach to mite control.

    What Makes The APROLO™ BugsOFF High-Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet The GREAT CHOICE?

    High-Frequency Ultrasonic Waves: Effectively deters pests like mosquitoes by creating an imperceptible barrier.

    3 Million Negative Ions: Reduces PM2.5 particles and pollutants through the release of negative ions, contributing to environmental purification.

    Chlorine Dioxide: Enhances sterilizing effects, breaking down viruses and bacteria for a comprehensive health approach.

    Comprehensive Solution: A smart choice for users seeking effectiveness and holistic solutions in pest control and environmental well-being.

    Convenient Wearable: A hassle-free, stylish accessory providing continuous pest protection with easy daily incorporation.

    Non-Intrusive Technology: Imperceptible ultrasonic waves ensure a disruption-free, comfortable experience while effectively repelling pests.

    Eco-Friendly Design: Prioritizes sustainability by offering an environmentally friendly pest control alternative without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

    Here are some of our happy customers:

    “Struggling with unsightly bed bug bites on my legs, my skin suffered and the situation became increasingly distressing. Eager for a solution, I decided to try the APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet. To my delight, the persistent bed bug problem showed visible improvement over time. The bracelet not only alleviated the discomfort but also contributed to making my skin look more normal because of the protection it made from these annoying insects, marking a notable improvement in the appearance of the affected areas. It played a big part on restoring the health and appearance of my skin.” - Janice Martin

    “As a daily bus commuter, I constantly found myself contending with insect bites, particularly on seats that seemed to harbor unwelcome critters. Mosquitoes flying around added to the challenge. However, since I started wearing the APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet, it has been a game-changer in protecting both myself and my skin. The bracelet's effectiveness in repelling insects has made my daily commute considerably more comfortable, significantly reducing the annoyance of bites and ensuring a more pleasant journey. Highly recommended.” - Kristoff Newman


    APROLO™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet



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